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They simply enjoy the game of life. Socializing and being charming are very pleasing to them and they enjoy their role of being the innocent flirt.

Gemini Constellation - Facts About Gemini |

They are lively, spur of the moment romantics. Most often faithfullness is not considered one of their best virtues. They have a flighty spirit and their partners may find them unreliable at times as most are flirtatious and incorrigible. However, when the right match is found they are a faithful, caring and understanding partner. These tow signs have much in common with a twinge of contrast to make the relationship spark. They make an ideal partnership with both favoring slight changes of interests on occasion. This combination presents Libra as the judge and Gemini the approachable jury in respect to the marriage.

The constellations of the Zodiac

These are not the two signs made in zodiac heaven. Gemini is too calculating and logical, while the Virgo mate is critical and demanding. But do not despair most often there is a mutual desire to want the same things in life, such as friends, family and associates who engage them in their intellectual and artistic pursuits.

This zodiac constellation is best known for two very bright stars, these stars are named "Castor" and "Pollux", after the twins from mythology. Gemini is really not hard to find. All you have to do is just look for the two bright stars that make up the twins heads.

They are called, bet you can guess "Castor and, of course, Pollux". Once you find these heads, look close by for both, their arms and legs.

Gemini’s Father in the Horoscope

Gemini is one of the scant few constellations that actually looks pretty much just like the symbol that it signifies. Many different civilizations throughout history observed these twins in the sky. Romans saw this constellation differently, they saw them as the two brothers Romulus and Remus, the heroes that supposedly founded Rome. Both Greeks and Romans alike believed that the twins were raised by a centaur named Chiron.

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Pollux is the nearest and brightest star to our system. Very versatile and can adapt to anything. Talkative and quick-witted smart, polite and energetic.

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  • Prone to nervousness and tense. Adaptable to most any situation, With Gemini you will discover them to be one of the most flexible people you have ever met. The Gemini are known for their ability to overcome great obstacles and are adept puzzle solvers. This zodiac sign can make the most out of any bad situation. Choose the closest measurement to the chart above to find your ring size. Tips for best results: Allow enough room to accommodate your knuckle. Bear in mind, different fingers on the same and the opposite hand may have different sizes.

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    It’s Gemini Season Which Means The Gemini Constellation Can NOT Be Seen In The Night Sky

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    • Where is your company located? Its brightest stars are Castor and Pollux Alpha and Beta Geminorum ; Pollux is the brighter of the two, with a magnitude of 1. The summer solstice , the northernmost point reached by the Sun in its annual apparent journey among the stars, lies in Gemini. This constellation also contains the isolated pulsar Geminga. In astrology , Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac , considered as governing the period from about May 21 to about June It is represented by a set of twins or in Egyptian astrology by a pair of goats and in Arabian astrology by a pair of peacocks.

      In addition to their identification as Castor and Pollux , the twins have also been related to other celebrated pairs, such as the younger and older Horus or Romulus and Remus. Article Media.